Burnstop for Thatch

In its Burnstop range, FIRE-PROOF has one unique coatings to improve the fire retardant properties of thatch.
After treatment with the BURNSTOP coating, reed has both fire-retardant and water-repellent properties.


BURNSTOP IM-Thatch is a fire retardant coating for thatched roofs.

After treatment with BURNSTOP IM-Thatch, thatched roofs have better fire-retardant and water-repellent properties.

Properties and preparation.

  • non-toxic
  • not harmful to the environment
  • not aggressive to the fibers
  • colorless after treatment
  • fast penetration and drying time
  • odorless and colorless
  • not flammable and not explosive


1 liter per 3 to 4 m², recommended in 2 sprays with a low pressure pump (2-3 bar) or a brush for impregnation.


Shake the product gently for 30 seconds before pouring it into a sprayer.

Surface and limitations due to the weather:

  • It must be ensured that the surface is clean before applying the product.
  • Do not apply in rainy weather or frost.
  • The temperature of the substrate must be at least 5 ° C.


Store in a dry and frost-free area. Maximum storage time: 1 year.

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In our Burnstop range we have 10 unique fire retardant or flame retardant products. If you have any questions regarding the properties of the product, you can always contact us.

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