Burnstop fire retardant products

A flame retardant or fire retardant is a material that prevents fire or slows the spread of fire. Fire retardant impregnation of fabrics, cloths, wood, paper, cardboard, textiles or other materials with a fire retardant liquid contributes to fire prevention.


BURNSTOP for wood

  • BURNSTOP IM-Wood Basicis a fire retardant impregnator for impregnating wood for indoor use, wood panels, wood derivatives, etc.
  • BURNSTOP IM-Wood Coat is a fire retardant for very difficult to absorb materials (OSB, bamboo).
  • BURNSTOP IM-Wood Exterior is a fire retardant for impregnation of wood for outdoor applications (wooden facades), that also gives a water-repellent action.
  • BURNSTOP IM-Wood Plus is a liquid for the flame-retardant impregnation of stairs, parquet, MDF.

BURNSTOP for textile

  • BURNSTOP IM-Natural Fibres is a fire retardant for light natural and absorbent textile materials (e.g. cotton, jute, paper, thin textiles).
  • BURNSTOP IM-Synthetic T developed for the fire-retardant impregnation of synthetic materials (polyester, polyamide or a composition thereof).

BURNSTOP for artificial plants and flowers

  • BURNSTOP IM-Synthetic P is a reliable fire retardant for the impregnation of artificial plants and flowers.

BURNSTOP for thatch

  • BURNSTOP IM-Thatch is a flame retardant liquid for thatched roofs.

BURNSTOP for Christmas trees

  • BURNSTOP IM-XTREE is a fire retardant for the fire retardant impregnation of Christmas trees and branches.

BURNSTOP for cardboard

  • BURNSTOP IM-Cardboard is a fire retardant for the fire retardant impregnation of all types of cardboard.

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